Zong bolt+ 4g huawei device / extremely low speed during different times of the day,especially starting from 4 pm till 1 am

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By: Ahad

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zong bolt+ 4g huawei device Sargodha

since 4 months the streaming and download speeds on all the zong bolt+ huwaei devices in our area i.e sargodha have significantly dropped specially from 12 pm till 1 am. my brother registered a complain a month ago but he didn’t get any response nor was the stupid issue resolved. he has finally shifted his internet connection to jazz. if you don’t want your old customers to leave your network and switch to other networks then kindly boost up your performance in speed and reliability which your brand claims,otherwise i will also recommend my friends and family in the area to switch to jazz which is giving amazing speeds throughout the day 24/7 without any breaks. i hope i would get a proper answer and reasoning to our collective problem as to why has your company started this lame speed thing and how much longer will your company keep irritating its customers with pathetic speeds during the day. i expect you to resolve the issue of speed within 48 hours and not a second more! otherwise i’m warning you,the number of your customers will get significantly low in our area. although we have a zong tower installed right next to where we live still the speed is slow,kindly whatever the issue is please fix it tomorrow. As a proof to what ive written,ive attached a screen shot of the speed test. have a little shame on how much you are charching us per packages,your claims of giving ‘blazing speeds’ and the proof and actuality of what you have to see in this screen shot!

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