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Lot no of your staff are using mob phone on duty time Reviews & Complaints

By: Waseem Saleem

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Lot no of your staff are using mob phone on duty time Haripur

A O A,
My name is Waseem Saleem and I belong to District Haripur. My baby (C.R No 184754) was admit in your hospital on 26 Nov 2019 on PMICU-II on sick of chest infection and Jaundice. First time when my baby come in your hospital on emergency, your duty Doctors is not give fully concentration on my baby and spent more then 2-3 hours while using the mobile phone. Then Doctor transfer to baby from emergency to Children ICU Ward-3.
ICU Ward Doctor put in wind and start his medical, they give him different type of medicine such as chest infection, heard medicine and Jaundice inj / Medicine, but my baby was not set from him. On ICU ward I saw every day new doctor are come and start her experiment on each Patient. I think they are not known the patient are young and baby, but him/her experiment is same for every age people. Some time more high medicine are cause of more other disease.
I note that some practices are very wrong in your hospital, which is very dangerous full for each patient. Some are explain are as under:-
1. Daily new doctor change in Children ICU Ward, new doctor are not perfectly know patient. New doctor start her new experiment on patient specially kids/ baby. They give more other medicine / inj to patient. That is very very dangerous for children, and make more disease i.e heart, kidney, leaver.
2. In ICU children word not expert doctor are available in side of ward. More doctor are new such as “House Office”. The house office Doctor are not fully know to patient sick, they spent her more time on her experiment.
3. More are your staff of using of mobile in side of hospital on duty time. On 26 Nov 2019 to 4 Dec 2019 I visit more department in hospital but I note that every one of your staff is busy on mobile phone, i.e using Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp. Using mobile are show to very lose discipline in side of hospital. I think your 99.9% staff are use mobile on duty time. They are not know to patient relative on road and patients on bad. A simple suggestion give to HOD of children ward Dr Khola for using of mobile on duty time.
4. No Mayo hospital MS visit in side of ward at any time.
5. No complaint box in side of hospital.
6. No court of inquiry in side of dead patients.
7. No punishment give to any doctor in case of late reach to duty, give wrong medicines.

In view of above I request to you to provide my file which C.R No is 184754, Patient Name: Muhammad Ali, Ward/ Unit: PM-II ICU for necessary checking on my end. My contract no is 0334-5716132. Please approach with me before send my file to me.
Thank you

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