Silk Bank Credit card / False/Deceit response on ” Late fees removal”

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By: S M Shariq Abbas

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Silk Bank Credit card Karachi

Dear concern;

My name is S.M Shariq Abbas and my silk bank credit card # is 4588-2600-0093-4796. I visited your head office on 29th oct’2019 to get my dues waived off.

Your person asked me to fill the form that is attached and requested to deposit Rs. 4000 only. He claimed that all the other dues will be waived off after submitting the attached form except only Rs. 4000 that was the principal amount.

I handed over the form to him after signing and filling it and then deposited 4000 rs. Surprisingly, in this month it came in my knowledge that none of the amount is waived off. I was just shocked.

If your representative committed that it will be cleared then why it was not done??? And now again I am receiving calls and letters to pay the due amount. Please update me as I have already given request of final settlement. Please explain and get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

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  1. Deepak Adiwal

    Dear Credit Card Manager,
    My name is Deepak Adiwal and my silk bank credit card # is 4588-2600-0034-0226, Valid Date was: 04/18.
    Kindly note that still i have not active my Credit Card and called many time your help line number to please close my credit card account.
    But i received SMS continuously for pay due amount.
    You are requested to please waived off Rs. 12,363 and resolve this issue as soon as possible and stop the SMS for due amount.
    Thanks & Regards
    Deepak Adiwal (0322-3105831)

  2. Syed Sohail Abbas

    SUBJECT: Unattended Request for the Termination/Cancellation of “Readyline” Facility

    I am subscribed to your Bank’s Readyline facility vide Ac. No: PK97 SAUD 0000 0820 0905 9507 and Card No: 4524-7800-0800-6252 since 2019. But due to certain complications arising out of fake/false assurances made and details conveyed by your representative Mr. Zoraiz Khan while introducing the said facility, I have been disappointed enough not to avail this facility anymore, hence applied through e-mail on 08.12.2020 for the termination of my “Readyline” account followed by access on your helpline. Subsequently, I had also visited to your office at Allama Iqbal Rd., Faisalabad in this regard but couldn’t get any service due to COVID sanctions.

    It’s merely unfortunate that my request for termination of Readyline account is still unaddressed despite submission through e-mail/helpline/personal visit. Now, you are hereby requested that my afore-mentioned Readyline account may kindly be terminated w.e.f 08.12.2020. Thanks.

    (Syed Sohail Abbas)
    CNIC: 33202-1233824-1
    Present/Postal Address: P-195/2,
    “Hyder Mansion”, Street-6, Altaf Ganj, Jhang Rd.,
    (Cellular No: 0333-6539848)

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